The Scribe Seam process is a proprietary method that Pinnacle Stoneworks developed for the joining slabs together where seams are required. We have pioneered this method to provide an alternative, aesthetically pleasing solution that provides an inconspicuous joint for slab counter top and other surface applications.
The Scribe Seam process involves a unique and artistic approach where we carefully examine the slab to identify, the best place for a seam. After identifying the seam location we select a natural feature in the material such as a vein which can span the full length of the necessary seam. With this vein selection we incorporate the exact profile of the vein into the larger piece being cut. The second piece which seams to the larger piece will be cut from a different slab and an area with less veining but also with the same vein shape on the seam cut. After both pieces are cut and glued together, there is no visible break in the pattern of the entire surface, thus creating a virtually seamless installation.

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